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State of Oregon announces selection of "Earning Excitement" for delivery to every elementary school in state!

Feedback from Libarians, Parents and Teachers

Father, Grandfather, business leader, Jerry, ... Paul,  I just finished reading "No Time To Wander" and found it to be an excellent guide for anyone of any age.  I am sending a book to each of our grandchildren, one just graduated from university last May and the other is a Senior this year.  Your  books are treasures and so valuable in this ever changing world financial market.

Consumer Education teacher, Carolyn Clark, Wyandotte High School ... "I like that I can introduce a new topic by having them read one of the eight stories and then be able to start a class discussion.  The stories lay a foundation for me to build on and seem to get us "going".  Today they will be reading "The Graduate" in preparation for Reality U tomorrow and class work on Friday about the 5 ways we have to be ready to leave home.  We purchased 30 books, so I set them out and assign a story.  Most students read more than I suggest, and talk about it in random discussion I overhear.  The kids like the stories told in an easy to grasp format.  They like the basic vocabulary and my students could really relate to some of the situations."

Librarian Kathleen Hanselmann, Monterey California..... "I am very impressed with "If Money Could Shout: the brutal truths".  The graphic format will appeal to teens and the information is presented in a way that is not preachy, but focuses on the disasters that await poor financial decisions."

Parent ... "So many times we say it is too expensive or we cannot afford it....but Marvels Of Money for kids really demonstrates what those words mean. Lastly, the tips for parents (at the back of the book) are critical. As a parent it is always helpful to have a solid and quick guide that reminds you how, why and to frequently talk about saving money. "

Teacher ..... "I teach 3rd & 4th graders.  Following my review of "Marvels of Money for kids", I feel that the language, content and overall tone of the books is definitely geared to 7-11 year old children. They are kid-friendly, written with kids in mind rather than adult to child which usually involves a preachy tone. It felt like kids were talking to kids about finances. Another distinctive is the subject matter of each book. I think these are also kid-friendly in that the topics of the books are what kids are interested in learning about."

Librarian Melissa Reynolds, Volusia County Public Library, Florida .... we received our copies of "Marvels of Money for Kids."    I can say that the book (along with your book "If Money Could Shout" for teens) most definitely filled a niche in the Volusia County Public Library's collection - as our system ordered (and have already received) a copy of Marvels of Money for Kids for each branch in our system and a copy of the Teen title for the majority of the branches in our region. We actively participated in Money Smart Week this past year and plan on continuing to participate in the future, so, the materials were "spot on" in regard to bringing our teen and children's departments on board with like programming and collection displays.

Parent ... "The highlighted vocabulary is helpful. I think just talking more about money, how we use it, and the different aspects of how it is managed, is important. Knowing the vocabulary is key."

Elementary school principal ..."My teachers are very challenged with tough national learning standards and tremendous demographic shifts; these are the only books we have seen which address social studies, mathematics, and reading in a single book; the values and financial lessons you have integrated into the stories are priceless. We will use these in 1 st through 5 th grade. ”

Teacher .... "Paul, the illustrations provide young readers a bridge to higher level concepts"

Parent ... "I like how the story carries through the series of 5 stories in "Marvels Of Money for kids". It is well thought out and my kids really enjoy them....while the books sneak in messages regarding good habits. All the topics apply to a wide range of kids in many real life situations."

Grandparent ..... Paul, I purposely took a post-graduate course in Personal Finance after college just because there wasn't anything like it in my formal education to that point. My grandchildren think that money is available at any ATM whenever we need it. Of course, we explain where it came from, but the lasting image is the cash coming out of the machine. Some early childhood learning of finances is long overdue.

Librarian.... Kimberly Gotches, Bartlett Public Library District, Illinois .... "You are doing a wonderful thing to help children become more financially savvy.   There are many strong points to your book, "Marvels of Money for kids".  I like how you have the key words in bold (e.g. prices, value, credit card, college savings, etc).  In addition, the topics are well chosen.  I especially like how you start with "Earning Excitement".   I could best see this book used in a structured program, say a book discussion where the children read the books on their own at home with their families and reconvene to discuss it at the library. 

Parent ... "What a great vision and approach.  My best to you with this endeavor.  It is certainly needed."

Teacher ... "I think that the relevance and understandable economic concepts are key strengths in the Marvels Of Money for kids' series."

Parent ... "One of the aspects I favor in the Marvels Of Money for kids series is the way Mom and Dad interact with their children and the modeling of good parenting. One of my favorite examples is in Spending Success where the parents say "No" in many different ways. For anyone who uses no a lot, but does not like to say no, it offers a good example."

Parent ..... "These have the appearance of graphic novels and that's what kids like! That's what they read!" 

Librarian Sherri Baca, Shreveport LA ... I believe "Marvels Of Money for kids" will communicate to the kids how important it is to know how much and where your money is spent.  You are right on time with this book!!!  Please continue to write more children’s books.

Grandparent .... I’ve seen the 5-minute video on your website and your two-page flyer, but I’m looking forward to seeing the actual books. They sound exactly right for my precocious nine year-old granddaughter.  We’re going to give her the first one at Christmas, and tell her she’ll get a “book of the month” for five months. It gives her something to look forward to, rather than being overwhelmed with receiving five books on a foreign topic at once.

Parent .... The "Marvels Of Money for kids" series is outstanding . Congratulations on trying to make a difference in the world . My hat is off to you."

Parent ... "What a wonderful, much needed idea.  I wish your series were available when my children were young!!!  I am forwarding this to all my nieces and nephews with children."

Parent ... "You have tackled a ton in this series. Not only do you address the need for young people to know how to manage money, but also community involvement, being a self sufficient person, being a responsible parent and teamwork."

Teacher ... "Paul, as I anticipate using these throughout the educational system, many approaches will work, depending on the age/grade:

  • Whole class where teacher reads to the class and the class follows along.
  • Students can read them independently.
  • Students can partner read them. 
  • The teacher can combine the books with current events or with long term projects.
  • The concepts of earning money through business or the cost of loans can be used in math lessons."

Parent ... "This is a great idea.  I’d like to send a set to President Obama.  These lessons should be incorporated into our elementary schools and  mid/high schools.  I don’t remember learning much about the economy until College and that was because I was a Finance major."

Grandparent ... "Good for you and your concern for our youth. This was a subject of conversation at my 55th HS reunion in August --- we talked about the financial differences growing up in a small town and most of us having summer or after school jobs and learning skills, how to work and what to do with our money. We all talked about the disconnect that exists now for youth and getting to be part of the economy and understanding it."

Corporate leader ... "Paul, I love this vision and the way you are going about it.  This series should be adopted by corporations for their employees' benefit, as parents struggle instilling these principles in their kids.  In fact, corporations should also sponsor this series in local schools in which their operations are based."



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