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State of Oregon announces selection of "Earning Excitement" for delivery to every elementary school in state!

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LA Times: Three More Cheers For Mellenials ....  ...says Nourigat. "Every generation goes through a period of formative fumbling, and elders look at a new generation with wonder and perplexity, forgetting how they must have appeared to their parents' generation."

AM NW TV: The Keys to Retirement


DailyFinance.com: 4 Ways For Couples To Reach Financial Harmony ... We talked to Nourigat about creating harmony in your relationship and tips for keeping money fights to a minimum, even if you have different ideas about finances to begin with. "The need for financial harmony applies...... "

Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune | TBO.com Graduating into the unknown

The importance and power of engaging mellenials .....


Junior Achievement "The Money Jar" podcast interview: Tips for teaching kids financial lessons


Radio with Les Sinclair: Financial Potholes & Opportunities for 20-Somethings

AM NW TV Interview: Helen Raptis asks tough questions about adult kids still living with parents or siblings, how to find and keep a job in a tough economy.

Tax Savvy Ways To Be Charitable Now ...  "You don't have to be billionaire," Mr. Nourigat says. "The legacy of giving is about showing your young ones and multiple generations in a family how a thoughtful process can make a difference."

OregonLive.com It's Only Money: Recommendation for "No Time To Wander" and other financial gift ideas.

DrGreene.com: The Ultimate Opportunity...The compassion for others, through sharing of one’s resources, offers a recurring theme which a family can rally around in a fun and meaningful way, year after year. Such a bond can be a saving grace as cultural, personal and economic forces can fragment many families’ connectedness...........

The CEO Magazine: Succession, Synthesis, Survival; author encourages corporate leaders to invest in young Americans

 Smith Publicity: "No Time To Wander: the financial compass for young Americans" new financial book for 20 and 30 somethings

State of Oregon press release: Portland author's book selected for statewide financial literacy program

Portland Publisher inks two national distribution agreements


Statesman Journal:"State Treasurer selects Portland author's Book......"


24/7 Release: "Children's Author Attacks Cybercrime with Financial literacy"


New York Post: "Degree in Red Ink" ... young adults struggling with debt




MONEYRADIO 1510: "Business Breakfast" interview with Ken Morgan

AM/NW TV: Interview with Helen and Dave:



BUSINESS JOURNAL: BIZPULSE - "WEALTH ADVISOR EXPLAINS MONEY" - announcing launch of "Why is there Money" for K-3 kids, following Marvels of Money series