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State of Oregon announces selection of "Earning Excitement" for delivery to every elementary school in state!

Financial Success Books

For Kids, Teens & Melennials

Paul Nourigat's books support age-appropriate national standards for financial literacy, "Life Skills" and "Reasoning Skills" and are not mixed with corporate messaging, sponsorship or promotions.

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No Time To Wander: the financial compass for young Americans

For those in their 20's and 30's, financial independence presents a daunting challenge.  In this non-fiction book, Nourigat reveals the the keys to financial freedom, providing clear insights to winning and keeping a job, financial fundamentals, plus road maps for rarely addressed topics such as relationships and personal risks.  Readers who may otherwise turn away from financial complexities will find "life and money" explained in a unique and approachable way. 

Insight to the present, hope for the future and a compass for life.

ISBN 9781936872084      240 pages

(Paperback, Kindle and Nook versions)

Thought provoking. Buy now!

If Money Could Shout:

the Brutal Truths for Teens

A powerful graphic novel to engage teens in stories about money, their peer group and the financial cause-and-effect of their choices.  Over 400  original illustrations provide a visual showcase for eight talented artists from across America.  This groundbreaking approach to teaching financial literacy recognizes the challenge - but importance - of reaching teens on their terms.  Edgy, thought-provoking, while providing practical insights about money in 8 fictional stories backed by incredible graphics.

ISBN 9781936872060    136 pages, fully illustrated

Now available in hardback and EBook formats

Earning Excitement

(7-12 years; "Marvels of Money ... for kids" series)

Chelsea and Jack figure out how to earn money to buy something they want, rather than simply asking their parents to buy it.  A story of creativity, planning, and accomplishment for kids.  Shows kids how a profit is made from their sales.

ISBN: 9781936872015

Paperback, hardback and EBook


Now available in beautiful Hardback and EBook formats

Spending Success 

(7-12 years; "Marvels of Money ... for kids" series)

There are so many things kids want to buy!  But they cannot afford them all.  
Spending Success tells a story about Chelsea and Jack’s great success with patience and goal setting, against a backdrop of peer pressure and media influence.

ISBN: 9781936872022 

Paperback, hardback and EBook

Now available in beautiful hardback and EBook formats

Debt Dangers

(7-12 years; "Marvels of Money ... for kids" series)

Borrowing money is advertised as “easy”.  So, why not do it?

The truth is, taking out loans can create big problems for kids.  Debt Dangers tells a great story about Chelsea and Jack saving money, living within their means, and learning to avoid debt.

ISBN: 9781936872039

Paperback, hardback and EBook

Now available in beautiful Hardback and EBook formats

Giving Greatness

(7-12 years; "Marvels of Money ... for kids" series)

There is great need all around us. How can a kid help? How much should they give?

In this touching and very timely story, Giving Greatness shows multiples ways that kids and their families can help those in need, as the story follows Chelsea and Jack in scenarios kids are sure to recognize.

ISBN: 9781936872046

Paperback, hardback and EBook

Now available in beautiful Hardback and EBook formats

Terrific Tools for money

(7-12 years; "Marvels of Money ... for kids" series)

Which tools should kids use to manage money? Who should they share personal and financial information with?

Chelsea and Jack’s adventures show them the many financial tools that are available and how they are used in different settings.  They also learn about privacy and security of information, through an interesting and natural encounters.

ISBN: 9781936872053

Paperback, hardback and EBook

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Marvels Of Money for kids

(7-12 years)

This book combines 5 standalone color titles (as above)  into a single B&W book at a substantially reduced price.  As above, each story poses a challenge or a goal, a series of experiences, with a clear conclusion and lessons learned.  Also, each story includes essential financial words, which are highlighted throughout the stories and then defined in a glossary along with summary concepts following each story.  

Younger readers may skim the concepts in a picture book manner. More advanced young readers will find each story's 2,500 words great for reading, mathematics, social sciences and financial literacy!


ISBN 978-1936872077    200 pages, fully illustrated


Available now ... Why is there money?

Why is there money?

(5-8 years)

For younger readers, a poetic journey through time, providing the history and reasoning for money, the causes for success and messaging around values and money.  Compresses many of the concepts in the deeper 5-book "Marvels of Money...for kids series" into a single lighter book.  Includes fun facts and images about the history of currency at the back of the book.  Beautifully illustrated by English gouache artist Angie Schofield.

ISBN: 9781936872008


What's next?

Learning about money requires more than books. We are hard at work developing supporting online tools, speaking to interested groups and contributing to the media in order to evangelize and demonstrate the importance of personal financial literacy.